Boris: Make EU final offer, be prepared for No Deal

The man who could be Britain’s Brexiteer Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has called for the UK to take a far tougher approach in negotiations, and offer a “take it or leave it offer” for a free trade deal – and be prepared to walk away.

Rather than shying away from a No Deal Brexit, Boris has written for the Sun on Sunday that: “We can still get a great deal, and I am sure we will. But the best way to get a great deal is to prepare for No Deal.”

Countering the absurd Project Fear scaremongering, he points out that: “No one wants disruption of any kind – and the way to avoid it is to get ready to manage it now, with energy and conviction.”

He makes clear that there is no waste time to waste: “Now is the time to get on with it – and remember, if we have to go down this route, we will have the entire £39 billion to spend on it.”

Throughout this entire process Boris has been steadfast in standing up for a proper Brexit. No Deal is better than Theresa May’s bad deal. Britain needs a pro-Brexit PM.

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