Boris nails it

Conservative leadership contender, Boris Johnson has this afternoon given an impassioned speech in defence of freedom, free trade and true Conservative values at a Conservative Home fringe event in Birmingham.

In a highly anticipated speech which attracted a huge crowd on the fringe of the Conservative party conference, Mr Johnson blasted Theresa May’s “politically humiliating” Chequers deal, describing it as “dangerous, politically and economically.” His staunch attack on Chequers continued, saying: “This is not democracy! This is not what people voted for!”

“It’s not taking back control, it’s forfeiting control. Don’t be fooled by the suggestion that the EU will ultimately reject these proposals – they want to demonstrate to any other country that might dream to follow suit, that you cannot leave the EU without suffering adverse political and economic consequences”, Johnson added.

“What the Chequers proposals show, is that the United Kingdom – for all its power and might, and network of influences around the world – was unable ultimately to take back control. And instead of reasserting our ability to make our laws, the UK will effectively be paraded in manacles down the Rue de la Loi like Caractacus.”

Johnson’s comments were met by rapturous applause and cheers. Let’s hope Theresa May was watching…