Boris Johnson: It's time Brussels moved Brexit talks along

Boris Johnson has called for Brussels to show more urgency and move the Brexit talks onto the next phase.

He said: “We’re looking for some urgency from our friends and partners, time to put a bit of a tiger in the tank and get this thing done.”

He said he felt the UK Government has made “helpful suggestions to get the great ship moving” and now is the time for Michel Barnier to take the talks forward.

But this seems unlikely to happen, given Barnier stood next to David Davis yesterday and was still playing that broken EU record: Give us a load of cash or we won’t talk trade.

Boris thinks No Deal is possible and Britain should be preparing for it – can he tell the Chancellor because he’s refused to invest in No Deal until any trade agreements have definitely fallen through.

It really is time for Brussels to take things to the next level, there’s only so long they can keep saying insufficient progress has been made.