Boris is country's most popular politician, according to YouGov

Polling firm YouGov have released a hefty chunk of data on what the public think of Britain’s politicians – and Boris Johnson is Britain’s most popular politician.

32% of Brits have a positive opinion of BoJo and Theresa May – but  46% have a negative opinion of May compared to a slightly lower 43% for Johnson.

Jeremy Corbyn is third, Ed Balls fourth, Sadiq Khan fifth and Nigel Farage sixth, according to their calculations.

In terms of other Conservative figures, Sir John Major, Lord Hague and Ruth Davidson are next in the pecking order in terms of popularity. In terms of net rating, Ruth Davidson comes top – but only 62% of people have even heard of her and a quarter of those who have are neutral.

Interestingly, David Cameron and George Osborne both trail the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg and David Davis. The public haven’t forgiven them for Project Fear.