Boris hits out at 'BBC-generated gloom and negativity'

The man likely to be Britain’s next Prime Minister has hit out at the BBC’s “gloom and negativity” during an interview on Brexit.

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During a trademark Andrew Neil interrogation on the BBC last night, Johnson hit back at the consistently miserable tone struck by the license fee-funded broadcaster, saying: “That sort of BBC-generated gloom and negativity has helped to condition the mindset of people in this country.

“People in this country feel they’ve been told for three years that they are incapable of leaving the EU and their politicians simply can’t do it. My message to the people of this country is that we can do it.”

Boris also stood firm on his promise to deliver Brexit by 31st October. He also stuck by the claim that “it might be possible” if struck by “mutual agreement” with the EU for a standstill agreement in the event of a No Deal Brexit whilst a free trade deal is negotiated.