Boris: Government not clear on Brexit vision

In his weekly Telegraph hit, Boris Johnson has today dismissed the idea of an election – because the government are as confused as Jeremy Corbyn when it comes to Brexit.

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Boris says that in a vote he would “have no idea” what the Tories would say about the EU as the government are currently willing to give up the “staggering sum” of £39 billion with “no clarity on the future relationship”. Pretty mad when you think about it.

Instead the ‘implementation period’ was actually a “negotiating period” and it is “unclear what the UK is really asking for”. He reminds the public that after “March 29th we do not really shake ourselves free from the rule of Brussels”. Instead the next stage of negotiations begins on the plan moving forward for the UK.

Though Brexit Britain “could in theory end up with a Canada style-free trade agreement”, Boris points out that many around the Cabinet table want to keep the UK locked in the EU Customs Union. Not good.

“I have no idea why the PM has failed to make her mind up for so long,” Boris writes, dismissing the idea of an election surely as a “scare tactic”.

Quite bizarre that in February 2019 we still do not know what the government’s long-term vision for Brexit is. Though Labour are in huge trouble themselves, the Conservative Party needs strong Brexiteer leadership to deliver independence.