Boris: Freedom of movement after Brexit

Boris Johnson has backed Theresa May’s softening Brexit stance, insisting that the EU’s open borders could remain applicable to the UK during an ‘implementation’ phase that goes well beyond 2019.

When Reuters asked Boris about freedom of movement continuing some time after Brexit, he said: “Ideally I think it could be done, what with goodwill and imagination it could be done as fast as – I think it can be done in two years.

“In the last 10 years I have been one of the few British politicians to speak up on the benefits of immigration,”

With everyone from the Prime Minister to Brexit Minister David Davis talking about some form of continued EU mass migration post-Brexit, the Tory promise of delivering a tens of thousands net migration target looks dead in the water.

Millions of Leave voters are likely to be up in arms as the Conservative position increasingly seems to resemble out of the EU, but with mass migration continuing.