Boris: EU must change deal or we'll go to Plan B

Brexiteer Boris Johnson has said that last night’s critical votes in Parliament now allow the UK to seek changes to the deal with the European Union – and that if they are refuse to change, it is time to think about ‘Plan B’, presumably the UK leaving with No Deal.

In a bad night for Remainers, yesterday MPs rejected several amendments designed to wreck Brexit, and backed one from Sir Graham Brady which supports an EU deal with the hated backstop removed.

Boris responded last night by telling the BBC: “We want to get this thing done. And the way forward is to give us a deal which is frankly no skin off their nose. The politics of this have massively outgrown the bureaucratic and logistical realities, its not as difficult as all that to solve. We’re going to fix it.

“And then the UK has the chance to get out there and do those free trade deals, we can vary our laws, we can take back control of our laws and we’ll have a fantastic opportunity.”

As for if the EU absolutely refuse to shift their hardline position? Boris told ITV that if “it turns out that this is all a damp squib and actually there isn’t a proper wholesale reform of the backstop. If there is no real escape hatch for the UK then I’m afraid we’re going to have to vote it out again and think about Plan B.”

Johnson has previously highlighted public support for an EU exit on WTO terms, writing: “They voted to come out. It is No Deal, or WTO terms, that actually corresponds to their idea of coming out.”

Time for the British government to get tough with Brussels – and remind them that for the UK, No Deal is still better than a bad deal.

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