Boris: Britain must seize Brexit opportunity, scrap foreign aid department

Brexiteer Boris Johnson has delivered a damning verdict on the government’s handling of Brexit, accusing Theresa May’s operation as “basically being run by the same people who’d run the Remain campaign”.

He told the pro-EU Financial Times that he wants to see the British government “set out a vision for the country, a narrative about how Britain is going global, why that is going to help people’s life chances all over the country, how we’re going to take advantage of the freedoms that Brexit will bring, and just selling to the people a story about what we’re doing”. All sadly lacking at the moment. Instead?  “I think that Brexit has been treated as a scourge, a plague of boils, murrain on our cattle.”

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The former Foreign Secretary points out that new embassies are opening up across the world, with “the flag” going up around the world instead of being taken down.

And he calls for the UK’s Department for International Development to be closed down and put back within the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. “If ‘Global Britain’ is going to achieve its full and massive potential then we must bring back Dfid to the FCO. We can’t keep spending huge sums of British taxpayers’ money as though we were some independent Scandinavian NGO.”

When it comes to Britain’s ballooning foreign aid budget, he is equally clear: “The present system is leading to inevitable waste as money is shoved out of the door in order to meet the 0.7% target.”

Last year saw the UK’s foreign aid budget rocket up another £550m to £14 billion per year. Absolutely absurd.

With Theresa May still clutching to her doomed deal, perhaps at some point Boris will actually get to put his common sense approach into action as Britain’s Brexiteer Prime Minister.