Boris: Brexit Britain must take back control

BoJo is to come out swinging for Brexit today, with a speech firmly pushing back against the idea of the UK bowing down to Brussels in future years.

The speech has been trailed by The Telegraph, with Boris expected to say: “It is only by taking back control of our laws that UK firms and entrepreneurs will have the freedom to innovate, without the risk of having to comply with some directive devised by Brussels, at the urgings of some lobby group, with the aim of holding back a UK competitor.

“That would be intolerable, undemocratic, and would make it all but impossible for us to do serious free trade deals.

“It is only by taking back control of our regulatory framework and our tariff schedules that we can do these deals, and exploit the changes in the world economy.”

It comes as Theresa May’s government seems determined to push on with a so-called ‘transition period’ that will see the UK bound by all current EU laws and future ones until at least 2021.

Will the likes of Boris and Jacob Rees-Mogg continue to take a stand against such drawn-out nonsense? Brexiteers voted to take back control in 2016 – not wait 5+ years for the change that they voted for and want to see delivered.