Bolton insists UK rejects EU military integration

With continuing momentum towards deeper EU military integration, and a agreement for the so-called Permanent Structured Cooperation to be signed on Monday, UKIP Leader Henry Bolton has been clear that Britain must reject being sucked into any such arrangement.

Bolton said: “The EU is dictating to Britain again. ‘Give us your military, your money and remain subordinate to the EU Courts and then we might, perhaps, talk about trade’. So, that deal is better than No Deal is it?

“The scandal is that, from what we understand, the government is preparing to submit to blackmail and commit our Armed Forces and defence procurement to the control of the European Union.

“The government has a mandate from 17.4m people to take us out of the EU, but instead the Conservatives are planning to commit the UK to even greater military integration with the EU. Let me be unambiguously clear, PESCO is not about co-operation, which we do already work towards bi-laterally and within NATO, but it is about integration.

“I’m calling for co-operation, not integration and subordination.”

An EU Army is downright dangerous given the EU’s interventionist instincts and lack of democratic accountability. The UK must stay well out of this and continue to operate on the basis of an independent nation moving forward rather than as a part of a militarised EU superstate.