Bolton Hits Back: Marriage over, ‘serious’ with Jo Marney, not quitting as leader

Henry Bolton has confirmed his marriage is over, he’s in a serious relationship with 25-year-old model Jo Marney and he has no plans to quit as UKIP Leader.

Bolton, speaking exclusively to Westmonster, claimed that the recent media attention regarding his private life was an attempt by left-wing opposition to damage his party.

On his interaction with Jo Marney, Bolton said: “It’s a serious relationship.”

When asked if his marriage was over he said: “Yes. My marriage has been in a difficult situation for a number of years. Let’s be very clear about this – before the relationship with Jo we had serious problems in the marriage and I had already told her that as far as I was concerned I had had enough.

“I’m still a man of integrity, I’m following my heart.”

He added: “The reports are an infringement into our private lives. It’s an attempt by the left-wing media in particular to try to attack the party through me. It’s not worked.

“I have no doubt I’m going to come out of this, and Jo and I are going to come out of this as a couple, stronger than we went into it.

“It’s been a battering experience but that’s what you get if you go into politics.”

He confirmed he has no plans to stand down and addressed UKIP members directly by saying: “I’m exactly the same person you elected as Leader. My private life has changed, that’s been a long time in the mix. I’m absolutely 100% dedicated to sticking with the agenda I have created and driving it forward.”