Bolton: Government plan to appease returning jihadi traitors is outrageous act of foolishness

What joker in the Home Office thought up Operation Constrain 

The idea that British citizens returning from fighting with ISIS should be given help to find jobs and should be given any sort of help with housing might be laughable if it was not a serious proposition. 

But it is a serious proposal, one that is as naive, misguided and worrying as it is possible to be.

Islamic State is an enemy of the British people. It is an organisation that is responsible for killing innocent British people going about their business on the streets of London and Manchester. It is the organisation that counted ‘Jihadi John’ amongst its number. It is an organisation that has children execute its prisoners and frequently kills its captured enemies by drowning or setting fire to them. It is an organisation that calls for war on our streets. Islamic State is a barbaric and uncivilised evil that has declared itself to be our enemy. It seeks the overthrow of our way of life, terrorism is its favoured tactic and it will kill anyone standing in its way if given the opportunity.  

Anyone who fights for, or in any way supports Islamic State, is an enemy of mine and of my country. If such people are killed whilst fighting in Syria, Iraq or anywhere else, then so be it. If they happen to be British they are also traitors. So we must demand that our treason laws are taken out of the Public Order Act, where Tony Blair put them, and made fit for use against any British citizen who engages in warfare against our country or Crown. 

But amazingly this is not what our Home Office doing. Instead, whilst we have around 7,000 homeless veterans on our streets, the Home Office is proposing that these jihadi traitors, on return to the UK, should be given help in finding jobs, be given preferential treatment in finding housing and could be offered counselling, all paid for by the country they fought and conspired against. There is only one reason why the Home Office might suggest this, other than incredible naivety, and that is that don’t have the resources to manage the situation properly. If that is the case, rather than appease returning jihadi traitors, the government would be well advised to resource our police, security services and prisons correctly.  

Let’s be clear, we don’t want anyone who has fought with Islamic State back in the UK. However, if they are British and they do try to return, they must be arrested and subject to prosecution. They certainly have no right to preferential treatment of any sort. Such treatment can only serve to encourage others. The people who do earn our respect, and should receive far greater support than they get at present, are the police officers, intelligence officers, soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who put their own lives on the line in the struggle to keep the rest of us safe against the very people the Home Office, in an outrageous act of foolishness, is now suggesting we appease.