BMW: We'll produce electric Minis in UK even after No Deal Brexit

More good news for car manufacturing in the UK, with confirmation from BMW that they intend to produce the electric Mini in Britain later this year even if the UK leaves with No Deal.

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Bloomberg report that there are no plans for big changes to its four UK plants, with BMW anticipating tariffs of between 0% and 5%.

Production chief Oliver Zipse said that “won’t change Mini’s business model” and  that “for us to consider fundamentally changing our production sites in the UK, there’d have to be significantly more severe developments”.

BMW have also said that they can expect any disruption to just-in-time supply chains to normalise within four to six weeks.

This positive confirmation comes after it was announced earlier this week that Toyota will produce a Suzuki-badged card in Derbyshire.

Toyota’s UK Managing Director, Marvin Cooke, said: “This is good news for our UK plants and demonstrates Toyota’s trust in the capability of our workforce to deliver the highest levels of superior quality products.

“Seeking to produce additional volume for other customers is one example of all the efforts we are making to keep our UK manufacturing operations as competitive as they can be.

“We have consistently said for the medium to longer term, continued free and frictionless trade and common automotive technical standards will be essential to support the international competitiveness of the UK automotive sector.”

The key is now giving business certainty by actually leaving the European Union, deal or No Deal. It is an outrage that the British government have delayed the UK’s EU exit.