Blair: Rise up against Brexit

In a classic case of just not knowing when you are beaten, the hugely discredited former Prime Minister Tony Blair will today urge diehard Remainers to ‘rise up’ in a desperate last bid to block Brexit.

Blair, who along with the likes of Richard Branson has been scheming about how to reverse the will of the people and keep the UK inside the EU, is expected to say that the British public were ‘misinformed’ when they voted for the UK’s independence.

The Open Britain group who he’s making the speech for are the successor to the failed Remain camp that put out countless anti-Brexit claptrap arguments that were defeated on June 23rd.

Most now associate Tony Blair with the disastrous Iraq War. This is another Blair fact free zone. The cold hard reality is that there is no Brexit regret out there in the country, with 64% of the country now opposing any blocking of the Brexit process.

Tony Blair used to be the centre-ground. Now he’s a mere fringe player.