Blair admits: Leave means out 'for at least a generation'

Arch-Remoaner Tony Blair sat down with Sky News yesterday and admitted that once the UK leaves the European Union on 29th March, that’s the UK out for “a generation at least”. Will hardline Remainers wake up to the real world?

Speaking to Sophy Ridge, Blair said: “Some people think, you know, you can leave on 29th March and then you go into a long transition period, maybe you try and re-join during that time. I think that’s highly unlikely.

“I think what will happen once you leave is you’re out and that will be it for a generation at least.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg responded to the rare outburst of sense from the former PM by saying: “The 29th March is the key date, even Mr. Blair thinks that if we leave then that is it. Thank goodness.”

Now the British people need the government to deliver, on time, next month.