'Black cab rapist' John Worboys to stay in prison, parole board chief resigns

‘Black cab rapist’ John Worboys will not be granted parole and the head of the parole board that inexplicably decided to release the sick sex beast has resigned. A good day for British justice, finally!

Worboys, who has been linked to more than 100 sex attacks, was given an indeterminate prison sentence in 2009 after being actually convicted of 19 offences, including one rape and several other sex attacks, against 12 women.

Anyone with a brain recognises the fact this lunatic should never be released from prison, but a parole board had decided it was a good idea for him to be allowed back onto the streets.

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But now 3 senior High Court judges have overturned the decision and the Justice Secretary has welcomed the resignation of Nick Hardwick, the former chairman of the parole board, due to significant failings.

Worboys should never see the light of day – his victims get a life sentence, so should he.