Biological weapon attack in Cologne much bigger than suspected

German police have revealed a major biological weapon attack has been foiled, with the scale of the plot being much larger than initially thought.

Last week, anti-terror police charged a 29-Tunisian man with producing a biological weapon and for “preparing a serious act of violence against the state”.

Police raided his flat, initially finding enough ricin to produce 1,000 doses of the toxin which is 6,000 times more powerful than cyanide and can cause critical organ failure and death within 48 hours of exposure.

Following a search of other apartments in the complex, prosecutors announced they found 3,150 doses – three times more than was initially thought.

President of the Federal Criminal Police Office, Holger Münch, told German media: “There were very concrete preparations for such an act using what you might call a biological bomb.”

He described it as an “unprecedented” threat.

Prosecutors say they were probing the suspects communications with ‘radical Islamists’ and revealed the man had travelled to Syria two times in the last year.

Earlier today, Westmonster reported that Europol’s latest report states 205 terror plots had been foiled, failed or carried out in the last year, with the threat continuing to grow.

A total of 975 people were arrested in the EU for terrorism-related offences last year, with the vast majority of those pertaining to Islamist terrorism.