'Bin the backstop' Boris battles for Brexit

Boris Johnson continues to step up to the plate and fight for a proper Brexit as the scheduled vote on Theresa May’s deal approaches.

He has used his weekly Telegraph hit to point out how he had listened to MPs rise to speak during the debate on the deal in Parliament: “But as speaker after speaker stood up to make clear, we certainly want a deal – but we don’t want the appalling constraints of the Irish backstop.”

Gunning for the £39 billion trap that is the EU’s dreaded backstop, Boris reflects: “We are told that the EU does not even like the backstop. Well, if the EU doesn’t like it, and the UK government doesn’t like it, and the British people don’t like it, why on earth is it there? Let us get rid of it and move on.”

BoJo hopes that politicians will vote down the deal “to protect our democracy and our union” so that the country can finally show Brussels”some steel and determination” demanding a better deal whilst making clear that “we want to bin the backstop”.

It has been a busy few days for Boris who appeared on BBC’s Marr to put on the record that doubters  should “not underestimate the deep sense of personal responsibility I feel for Brexit”.

And he has also been outspoken about the need for the UK to seriously prepare for No Deal, in order to secure a good deal with the EU. Though the clock is seriously ticking now.

Boris is one Brexiteer who really has stepped up to the mark to fight for independence. Let’s hope he and others continue to hold the line.

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