Billionaire entrepreneur Michael Spencer: Brexit Britain must be bold and radical

British billionaire entrepreneur and former Conservative Party Treasurer, Michael Spencer, has laid out how Brexit Britain must think big moving forward, operating with a global mentality that encourages investment.

He told the London Evening Standard that: “We need to ensure that the UK does not become a little  protectionist country.

“We need to be thoroughly focused on what will make this country attractive for inward investment.”

He laid out how when the UK leaves the European Union it will only represent 15% of global GDP, saying: “That means there is another 85% to go for afterwards, spread across the world. We can prosper post-EU if we adopt a very pro-enterprise perspective. We must be bold and radical.”

This captures the spirit of June 16th 2016 and shows what politicians should be doing: looking at the tremendous opportunities that Brexit presents. That means a full exit from the Single Market and Customs Union sooner rather than later. Get on with it.

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