Big Phil Campion: We need tougher approach on national security

Big Phil Campion, ex-SAS, came into the studio today to talk to Westmonster about national security.

We've got former SAS Trooper Big Phil Campion taking your questions on national security!

Posted by Westmonster on Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Big Phil said: “With national security in particular we need to have more control. We need to take off some of the restraints. People need to be rounded up. There’s 3,000 people on a terror watchlist and why aren’t those people being brought in? He goes boom and they say ‘oh yeh we knew about him’, well why wasn’t he removed?”

The ex-SAS trooper also responded to comments alluding to a fallout out with Tommy Robinson, check out his response to that later in the video.

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