Big business demands continuation of mass migration

The Confederation of British Industry has released a report calling for an end to targets to limit immigration after Brexit.

The business group also called for immigration to be back on the table in the Brexit talks, avoiding visas for EU citizens in a trade for greater access to the Single Market for British companies.

In a statement, CBI Deputy Director-General Josh Hardie said: “This is no longer a theoretical debate. It’s about the future of our nation. Openness and control must not be presented as opposites.

“Scrapping blunt targets, ensuring all who come to the UK contribute and using the immigration dividend to support public services will add to public confidence.”

Polls show only 15% oppose the Conservative’s long-standing target to reduce net immigration to “tens of thousands” which has never been delivered.

The Brussels-funded group backed remaining in the EU and for the UK to join the Euro.

According to a Bank of England report, an increase in net migration of 10% depresses wages of the lowest paid by 2%.

The Recruitment and Employment Federation also point out lower EU migration has led to higher wages.

The arrogance of big business in ignoring the concerns of 17.4 million people is disgusting, the CBI has a vested interest in pushing down wages but the British people have had enough.