Bercow: I will fight to stop PM suspending Parliament to deliver Brexit

The Speaker John Bercow has vowed to “fight” in a bid to stop the Prime Minister shutting down Parliament to deliver a clean break WTO Brexit.

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Speaking at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he has said: “The one thing I feel strongly about is that the House of Commons must have its way. And if there is an attempt to circumvent, to bypass or – God forbid – to close down Parliament, that is anathema to me.”

Bercow also added that: “I will fight with every breath in my body to stop that happening.

“We cannot have a situation in which Parliament is shut down. We are a democratic society and Parliament will be heard.

“Nobody is going to get away, as far as I’m concerned, with stopping that happening. Nobody should be afraid to say what he or she thinks.”

His comments come after a ComRes poll showed wide public support for potentially proroguing Parliament in order to get a WTO Brexit through.

More Brits agreed than disagreed that “Boris needs to deliver Brexit by any means including suspending Parliament if necessary, in order to prevent MPs from stopping it”.

An Opinium poll at the weekend also showed a 17-point lead for a WTO Brexit over cancelling Brexit. Boris has talked a good game, now he must take on hardline Remainers and actually deliver what he has promised.