Bellew: Review justice system, death penalty for paedos and rapists

World Champion boxer Tony Bellew has once again spoken out on the UK’s justice system, calling for the death penalty for paedophiles and rapists. He has previously called for a far tougher line when it comes to dealing with scumbag jihadists.

He weighed in yesterday after a shocking incident in Walton that saw a pensioner tied up in his home as a gang ransacked his house. The elderly man needed hospital treatment and his wife was left shaken.

Bellew called for occupants to be able to kill intruders:

And then insisted that burglars, paedophiles and rapists should face the death penalty:

He insisted that the UK’s soft justice system “is slowly making me ashamed to be British”.

There is no doubt that with violent crime soaring, public anger is increasing. The country cannot go on allowing a soft message to go out to those who carry knives or to serial rapists who are now under consideration for release.

Britain is crying out for politicians with the backbone to fight for a far tougher approach on law and order to protect innocent people.