Begum: People should have sympathy for me

A woman who left London to go and support Islamic State wants to be allowed to return – and believes that she deserves sympathy.

In an interview with Sky News, she said that: “I think a lot of people should have, like, sympathy towards me for everything I’ve been through.”

That’s despite her not having any regrets about supporting ISIS until her son died.

When asked about if she knew about what Islamic State were doing, she responded: “Yeah, I knew about those things and I was okay with it. Because, you know, I started becoming religious just before I left.

“From what I heard, Islamically that is all allowed. So I was okay with it.”

And she described the situation getting more “difficult” when the evil group lost Raqqa, a city in Syria.

Begum had previously spoken of seeing a mutilated body “When I saw my first severed head in a bin it didn’t faze me at all. It was from a captured fighter seized on the battlefield, an enemy of Islam.

“I thought only of what he would have done to a Muslim woman if he had the chance.”

Three-quarters of Brits are against her being allowed back into the country. Jihadi-supporting nutcases should never be allowed back into Britain.