BBC report accuses people concerned about migration of 'giving it large'

The BBC, in its infinite wisdom, has seen fit to publish a short video on immigration that refers to people concerned about the number of people coming to Britain as ‘giving it large’.

The clip, entitled ‘Open Doors? Citizenship – Don’t Hate the Debate’, appears to call anyone with a strong sense of British national identity as ‘flag wavers’…

That’s a hot topic at the minute, considering Tory MP Nick Boles came out and said the governing class are afraid of reinforcing national identity.

The Beeb’s report states: “Think immigration is a recent thing? think again…There’s no such thing as a pure Brit, despite what some flag wavers would have you believe.

“It’s only the past 20 years that we’ve seen more people come than go, even so, you can’t open a paper without someone giving it large about immigration.”

Well, 20 years is a bloody long time. And it portrays people who think that UK public services are being stretched beyond capacity by mass migration as having a backward view.

But what are the actual facts? Since 2004, the figure of net migration into Britain from the EU stands at 1,390,000, according to Migration Watch.

The government’s own Housing Minister, Dominic Raab, is on record saying mass migration has bumped up house prices by around 20% in the last 25 years.

In 2006, 97% of hospital patients at A and E were being seen by a medic within 4 hours, now that’s at 81.4%. In the first quarter of the start of the 2004/5 year, 4.5m people attended hospital, in the first quarter of 2016/17, that was 5.9m.

The number of pupils being taught in classes containing 36 children or more has trebled in the last 5 years.

So, yeh, people are a bit concerned about the impact mass migration is having on British infrastructure…and rightly so!