BBC pretty much ignores Telford child grooming scandal

UPDATE 15:48: The BBC have finally reported on the story – buried low down on their website between a story about Crufts and a Council grant.

What on earth is going on at the BBC, supposedly the unbiased, beating heart of taxpayer-funded broadcasting?

It’s just been revealed that there’s potentially Britain’s biggest ever industrial scale child abuse scandal in Telford, with around 1,000 girls reportedly drugged, raped and/or sexually abused over a 40 year period. The reports pointed to young girls once again being let down across the board, with those working for the local Council viewing abused children as prostitutes. There was also the usual politically correct nonsense when it came to abusers who were Asian.

But what does the BBC do to cover this story? Well, absolutely nothing, of course!

Here’s the Beeb’s home page, no mention of Telford, but, crucially, it does manage to remind readers to feed the birds:

Surely this is just a minor oversight? Well, nope, because it doesn’t even show up if you dig through the BBC’s ‘More News’ section:


It doesn’t show up if you actually type the word ‘Telford’ into the search bar:


Or if you type in the name of the area’s local MP, Lucy Allan:

In fact, the only mention of potentially the largest ever child abuse scandal ever to take place on British soil can seemingly only be found as a throw away line by searching Telford BBC directly into Google, and then it makes no reference to the true scale of the problem whatsoever.

Now, why would the BBC not really cover this story? This is monumental news, a serious scandal. The public interest is huge. There’s no excuse for not running the article whatsoever. Terrible.

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