‘BBC no longer has to be broadly balanced on Brexit’

The BBC’s Nick Robinson has made the extraordinary claim that the state broadcaster is no longer under an obligation to be “broadly balanced” on Brexit because the referendum is over.

Robinson made the comments in the Radio Times, writing: “The referendum is over. The duty we broadcasters had to ‘broadly balance’ the views of the two sides is at an end. Why? Because there are no longer two sides, two campaigns, two rival sets of spokespeople reading out those focus-grouped slogans.”

The absurd suggestion that balance is no longer required has been reflected in much of the BBC’s coverage of Brexit since June 23rd.

Whether it is UKIP being left out entirely from an hour long special on the issue, Eastenders pushing the hate crime narrative or the Today programme having a vastly disproportionate number of Remainers on, the one-sided coverage has caused MPs to write to the BBC about the growing problem.

If Robinson’s attitude is representative however, don’t expect much to change.