BBC Newsnight's 'NHS Breaking Point' package ducks issue of mass migration

The Beeb’s Newsnight did a package on the huge pressures the NHS are facing at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, but of course there was no direct mention of mass migration that is driving Britain’s mammoth population surge in the piece.

NHS staff were at their wits end speaking of a service at “breaking point”, “queues on the corridor” an “unsafe” environment and that it now “feels like we’re in a third world country”.

They did also say that: “The amount of people who need services that we can offer is growing and we do just not have the resource to deal with them,” but of course the fact the population is surging by 538,000 per year – mostly due to mass migration – wasn’t addressed.

Eve Gillespie, a Sister at the Emergency Department said that they were seeing  “hundred patients more per day than we were a year ago”.

There was more from staff: “Whole system is stuck, we’re congested, there’s nowhere for anybody to go”, “ten years ago I never once nursed a patient in the corridor”, “there’s just no space for people” and sadly “in my eyes its just going to get worse”.

Whether we talk about hospitals, schools, housing, roads, mass migration and Britain’s surging population is causing the country’s infrastructure to buckle. Rather than skirting around the issue, it is time to face up to the huge problems that uncontrolled migration is causing.