BBC demands preferential treatment

Former Labour MP James Purnell, now the BBC’s Director of Radio and Education, has claimed that the BBC should have its shows promoted over others because its a taxpayer-funded broadcaster.

Purnell insists that the push to promote BBC shows is “about making sure you can find them easily”.

Sky have responded, accusing the Beeb of “blatant self-interest”.

The world is changing. The rise of Netflix, Amazon streaming services and YouTube are making traditional media less and less relevant.

Just as the world of politics is becoming more responsive to a democracy boosted by the internet, the world of media is changing with citizens more empowered to watch and indeed produce what they want, when they want.

A protectionist world of favouritism for a state broadcaster doesn’t really fit into the new reality. There are no more protected media markets or monopolies. That’s a very healthy thing.