BBC bury population surge statistics

The BBC appear to have buried shocking new statistics showing a population surge of over 500,000 in one year, instead leading on stories about boys wearing skirts and koalas in Australia.

Office for National Statistics figures released today show 336,000 migrants came to Britain by mid-2016, boosting the UK’s population to a record 65,648,000 people. Over 62% of the population increase was driven by net migration.

But as far as we can tell, the BBC chose not to publish this on their homepage, UK news or Politics sections at the time of this article, instead headlining the story: ‘Population in Wales up by 14,100 to 3.1 million’.

The immigration line was tucked away in the middle of the piece, probably so nobody noticed it and didn’t kick up a fuss about the staggering level of mass migration currently taking place.

And those figures only include the ones who came here legally…