Bavarian government to classify migrant centres as ‘dangerous places’

The Bavarian government has classified all refugee centres as ‘dangerous places’ in law that can legally be searched at any time without a warrant.

Bavaria’s Integration Act considers refugee homes and transit centres has made the change after police were being called out every day to deal with serious crimes.

The law is being tightened after a surge in violent crime, including the burning down of a migrant centre in Bamberg, which killed one and injured 15 others.

At the end of October, a 19-year-old Iraqi stabbed a fellow asylum seeker he had never met before in his life in a centre less than 100 meters away from the  Oberpfälzer police station.

A rejected asylum seeker from Mali strangled a prostitute in her apartment in the same area too.

Under new proposals, police will be allowed to enter the facilities and demand to see ID cards from residents, a move they say will prevent undocumented migrants from hiding or preparing criminal acts.

Migrant centres will now be classified in the same way as gambling dens and brothels.