Bataclan victims slam Macron on anniversary of attack

Victims of the Paris terror attack in November 2015 have slammed President Macron, accusing him of ignoring their suffering and reneging on promises to help them.

“Since his election, President Macron has tried to make the victims forget, first of all by abolishing the Secretariat of State dedicated to them. Then recently by reducing the aid to certain categories of victims, putting into perspective once again the suffering and the multiple prejudices suffered,” said Michael Dias, whose father died in the attack.

“François Hollande had made a commitment: that of repairing the living,” says Caroline Langlade, a survivor of the Bataclan massacre.

“This commitment is not respected by the new government.”

Terror victims aren’t the only ones who claim Macron doesn’t care about them. Earlier this month Laurent Wauquiez, the leading candidate to front the French Republican party, claimed that Macron loves only himself and ‘hates France’.

Wauquiez claims Macron’s desire to be liked and praised means: “He flees the themes he considers toxic: the regulation of immigration, the question of transmission, the question of Islamism.”