Barnier welcomes Corbyn's letter, refuses renegotiaton, UK side 'has to give'

The European Union’s Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier has once again showed how detached those in Brussels are from reality, refusing to substantially renegotiate on a UK deal whilst insisting that “something has to give on the British side”.

Ruling out any legally-binding changes, Barnier said yesterday that: “It’s clear from our side that we are not going to reopen the Withdrawal Agreement but we will continue our discussion in the coming days.”

He also directly interfered in British domestic politics by welcoming Jeremy Corbyn’s letter that calls for a permanent Customs Union. This is still the trap the EU are laying.

“I found Corbyn’s letter interesting in tone and in content,” Barnier said.

And he insisted that: “Something has to give on the British side.”

May should deliver an ultimatum and now prepare the country fully for leaving with No Deal. With widespread concern around Europe at the prospect of a No Deal, it is time for those in Brussels to get a reality check.