Barnier: There is now a Nigel Farage in every European country

Michel Barnier has told a group of MEPs that there is now a Nigel Farage like figure in every European country.

Speaking to the largest group of MEPs in the European Parliament, the EPP Barnier said Europe “has a Farage in every country”.

The EPP is a group of centre-right politicians who are vehemently pro-EU.

He continued: ”United together we will win this election. By fighting together, we will gain the trust of our followers. This fight will be tougher than any before. We have to fight back against populists and extremists.”

Barnier said it would be: “Tougher than ever before” for the EPP to fight “against those who want to demolish Europe with their fear, their populist deceit.”

The EU will never learn, people like Farage will continue to be successful if Brussels carries on to centralise Europe.