Barclay: UK shouldn't be afraid to leave with No Deal

Britain’s Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay has spoken out today, insisting that the UK “should not be afraid to leave with No Deal”. What a contrast to many in government who have sought to oppose a WTO Brexit despite it having a 14-point lead in a recent ComRes poll.

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Barclay was one of many Cabinet Ministers to vote against an Article 50 extension in Parliament last night, though it sadly passed.

Speaking to the BBC’s Tom Barton today, Barclay said that “there will now need to be a short technical extension” for a UK-EU deal.

But he was more outspoken on No Deal than he has been previously, saying: “I support Brexit: this constituency voted in very large numbers for Brexit. We need a deal. We need to get that over the line.

“But if we don’t have a deal, then we should leave with No Deal. That’s always been my position and I voted as the constituency (North East Cambridgeshire) would expect me to do.”

And he went on to say: “If we get the deal through as I hope we still will, we will now need a short technical extension, but if not we shouldn’t be afraid to leave with No Deal.”

At least the Brexit Secretary isn’t surrendering to whatever Brussels decide to offer and is prepared to support the UK walking away. Sadly Theresa May seems to have completely bottled it, hence why the UK is now in such a weak negotiating position.