Banks takes legal action against Cadwalladr

Arron Banks is taking legal action against The Guardian’s Carole Cadwalladr over claims she has made.

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The pre-action relates to statements she made at The Convention – “we know that the Russian government offered money to Arron Banks” – as well as a TED Talk.

Banks is calling for action on Cadwalladr’s part including an apology, an acknowledgement that her allegations are false, a promise not to repeat them, damages and costs.

Cadwalladr has claimed that the action is “too tragic”. Let’s see.

Banks responded to her directly on Twitter by saying: “It’s time for you to take responsibility for your own actions. Playing the victim card won’t work, you can either apologise or justify.”

Not a good day for the anti-Brexit conspiracy theorists given Facebook’s Sir Nick Clegg debunked their mad fantasies about Russia and social media.