Backlash from Tory MPs against pro-deal leaflets

It looks like significant money has been pumped into leaflets promoting Theresa May’s EU deal, causing a backlash from pro-Brexit Tory MPs who aren’t happy.

Former Brexit Minister Steve Baker tweeted: “These dreadful leaflets are meeting with derision among colleague MPs. Plans are already afoot to deliver them direct to recycling centres.

“What a waste of donor money.”

Fellow Brexiteer MP Conor Burns wrote: “Very sorry to see Conservatives using precious money raised by volunteers and donors to produce these leaflets.

“The so-called ‘deal’ is not uniting the Party and we should not pretend all Conservatives support it.”

Consrvative MP for Lewes, Maria Caulfield, isn’t amused either: “Its a sad day when the party has spent thousands of pounds on leaflets that won’t get delivered to use constituents against their own Conservative MPs, when they could just try talking to us in the tea room!?!

“True leadership is about bringing people with you.”

And another Tory MP, Steve Double, delivered a damning verdict: “Very disappointed to see CCHQ have wasted donors money on these appalling leaflets.

“They won’t be being delivered in St Austell and Newquay. It’s ridiculous for our leadership to continue this campaign when it is clear our grassroots do not support it.”

The backlash against May’s EU deal continues.

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