Back-up plan to tackle illegal migrants from Calais

The government are drawing up a back-up plan that would require ferry companies to tackle illegal migrants seeking to get to the UK.

It comes as new French President-elect Emmanuel Macron has vowed to renegotiate the Le Touquet agreement that currently allows British border officials to operate in France.

Though Macron said this during the heat of the election campaign, it really wouldn’t make sense. Any weakening of the French border would simply act as a magnet that would attract a large number of migrants and risk recreating the huge Jungle style camps that French officials have just dismantled.

We do know of course that Macron’s real focus is on an EU approach and doing the bidding of Germany’s Angela Merkel. Though he is French President-elect, it is likely that whatever approach taken is likely to be with an EU agenda in mind. They wouldn’t be that stupid, would they?