Austrians want Eurosceptic, anti-mass-immigration coalition

The Austrian people want a Eurosceptic, anti-mass-immigration coalition, according to a new poll.

The Austrian People’s Party (OVP) and the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) are the preferred choice for 34% of the electorate.

The OVP, run by Sebastian Kurz, received the highest share of the vote at the election with 31.5% of the vote, and the FPO came third with 26%.

Both parties are anti-mass-migration, with the OVP focusing on ending EU open borders at the election, and the FPO is completely Eurosceptic.

It shows the public are fed up with dictatorial rule from Brussels and the endless stream of migrants into the country. Across the continent there’s a Eurosceptic movement growing – just look at Britain, the AfD in Germany, Poland, Hungary and, now, Austria. Long may it last!