Austrian politicians want migrant curfew to 'keep women safe' at night

Asylum seekers are being urged to obey a night time curfew in order to ‘keep women safe’.

Austrian vice-chancellor, Heinz-Christian Strache, has called for asylum seekers to be housed in barracks and obey a new curfew, saying: “It has already been discussed in the past, whether it should not be so that from a certain evening time, all have to be back in the barracks.”

Strache says there are seven unused barracks in Vienna which could be converted to house migrants.

The rules would see migrant men allowed out for longer periods in the summer when the sun sets later, and earlier in the winter months when it gets darker earlier in the evening.

His colleague, Toni Mahdalik, expanded on his statements, telling Austrian newspaper Krone: “In the future, our women should be able to move safely on Vienna’s streets in the evening and at night.”

“[The] asylum procedure is not a vacation where one can choose a hotel,” he added.

It’s come to something when such drastic measures need to be considered ‘to keep women safe’ in modern Europe.