Aussie Trade Minister: We want UK trade deal in force on 1st January 2021

Australia’s Minister for Trade Steven Ciobo has talked up a trade deal with Brexit Britain, insisting that the negotiations should begin at the start of the ‘transition period’ in March 2019 with a view to the deal kicking in on 1st January 2021.

Ciobo told Bloomberg that“We share big ambitions on what the UK and Australia can do on global trade.

“We haven’t done the agreement yet. It is hopefully not too long. It is very aspirational in terms of the quality of the deal.

“We would like to commence negotiations at the start of the interim period, with a view to concluding it during the interim period and have it come into force on the 1st January 2021.”

He also insisted that he has been “getting good messages from the UK government as Brexit Britain prepares to go global.

Tory Deputy Chairman James Cleverly described the reports as “very exciting news”.

There is no time to waste!

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