Aussie Trade Minister: We want quick UK trade deal after No Deal Brexit

The Australian Trade Minister, Simon Birmingham, has hinted at a quick trade deal with Brexit Britain that could be concluded by the end of the year, if the UK leaves the EU with No Deal.

Birmingham told the pro-EU Financial Times that: “If we face a No Deal scenario then we would be urging and encouraging the UK to negotiate and finalise an agreement as quickly as possible.

“I would absolutely hope that we would conclude negotiations this year.”

There has been strong support in Australia for Brexit Britain. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott tweeted last month: “What’s wrong with No Deal? Australia does $100 billion a year in trade with the EU without a deal.”

Former Aussie Trade Minister Steven Ciobo had previously laid out how: “We share big ambitions on what the UK and Australia can do on global trade.

“We haven’t done the agreement yet. It is hopefully not too long. It is very aspirational in terms of the quality of the deal.

“We would like to commence negotiations at the start of the interim period, with a view to concluding it during the interim period and have it come into force on the 1st January 2021.”

There is huge global potential out there for a UK free of the shackles of the European Union. That means leaving the Customs Union and implementing an independent trade policy. Time for the British government to get on with it and deliver.

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