Asylum seeker guilty of plotting ISIS terror attack in UK

An asylum seeker who paid people smugglers to get him into Britain in the back of a lorry has been found guilty of plotting an ISIS-inspired terror attack.

Munir Mohammed wanted to build a pressure cooker bomb in Derby, offered himself as a lone wolf ISIS attacker and looked into poisoning food at a ready meal factory where he worked.

His online ‘lover’, Rowaida El-Hassan, was a pharmacist who gave him advice on how to carry out the poisoning – he was intending to use ricin, which essentially chokes victims to death.

Mohammed got the job using a fake ID.

He had travelled to Britain along the migrant trail through Greece and ditched his first wife (who had just lost a baby) along the way. When he got to France, he paid to be smuggled into the UK in a lorry.

The court heard how he had spoken to an ISIS recruiter online and offered his services, saying: “You just give the order. Compliance and obedience to our Emir [leader].”

At the time of his arrest he had 2 out of 3 necessary components to make a bomb, a mobile phone detonator and ricin poison.

Both Mohammed and El-Hassan were found guilty of plotting a terror attack and will be sentenced on February 22.