Asylum applications drop 43% in Austria

Asylum applications have dropped by 43.3% in Austria, according to the Interior Ministry.

It announced yesterday that the number of claims for protection had gone down to 21,130 so far this year, down 16,000 from the 37,256 which applied in the same period in 2016.

It comes after an election campaign that had migration at its heart – the winner, Sebastian Kurz, vowed to cut mass immigration, and so did the party he’s expected to go into coalition with, the FPO.

Not only are the number of applications down, the number of deportations has risen drastically this year, up from 3,841 last year to 5,788 this year so far.

So it looks like the threat of closing borders and slashing mass migration is enough to put people off!

Westmonster has previously reported on Austria threatening to close its borders with Italy, with the Defence Minister saying the Armed Forces would be “indispensable” if the flow of migrants into Italy doesn’t ease up.

Analysis has shown that a tough stance on open borders swung the election for Sebastian Kurz, it would appear to have had an effect on the number of people trying their luck too.

Recently, the acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection said  the Donald’s commitment to vigorously enforce immigration laws directly led to the country’s lowest level of illegal border crossings in 45 years.

So a country calls for stronger borders, elects an anti-mass migration politician and then the number of asylum applications drops. Shock.