ASOS sees 54% sales boost in Brexit Britain

Fashion giant ASOS has recorded a 54% boost in its international sales over the last six months.

Their UK arm also saw an 18% increase, taking their UK retail sales to a staggering £314 million.

A weaker pound has been fantastic for exporters. In their results report released today, the lower pound has allowed the company ‘to invest more globally and offer its products at lower prices outside of the UK’, according to Sky News.

Even if you take out the currency fluctuations, with a global sales boost of 42% following the historic Brexit vote.

ASOS Chief Executive, Nick Beighton said: “These are a strong set of results, showing great progress across the business.”

“International growth of 54% has been excellent and with the ‘rest of the world’ segment a stand out performer.”

We continually said throughout the campaign that Brexit would be a fantastic opportunity to re-engage with the rest of the world, it’s glad to see that businesses are starting to hop aboard the Brexit train!