Asian sex gangs are ‘racist criminals & should have longer sentences’

Asian sex gangs who traffic, drug and rape young girls and women across the UK are ‘racist’ and should be given longer prison sentences because of it, according to several top politicians and legal minds.

17 men and 1 woman were convicted of nearly 100 offences linked to child sexual exploitation in Newcastle on Wednesday.

It follows similar large-scale prosecutions in Rochdale and Rotherham.

One of the depraved abusers in Newcastle, Badrul Hussain, reportedly said: “All white women are only good for one thing. For men like me to fuck and use like trash. That’s all women like you are worth.”

There is a “profoundly racist” undercurrent in the widespread sexual abuse of white girls and women committed by mostly Muslim men, according to Lord MacDonald, the former Director of Public Prosecutions.

Mike Penning, a former policing and justice minister, added: “Some of them freely admitted that their attitude to these girls was based on race. If that’s the case then this is a racially motivated crime and the sentence should and must reflect that.”

Peter Saunders of the National Association of People Abused in Childhood  said: “A number of these men have expressed clear opinions that those white girls are little more than trash to be sexually abused.

“If the situation was different and this was white gang attacking Asian victims, quite rightly there would be an outcry, but because of the whole politically correct culture we have to bite our tongue and are afraid to address the reality.”

It can’t simply be swept under the carpet that a lot of these Asian sex attackers seem to view white women as the lowest of the low. People shouldn’t be afraid to label the grooming gangs for what they are – paedophiles, rapists and racists.