Asian merchant bank picks London for new European headquarters

Further evidence that Brexit London will continue on as a world-leading financial powerhouse, with Asian merchant bank Ion Pacific backing the UK capital to be its new European base.

The bank’s British operation will be led by Claire Hoey, according to City AM. She said: “As part of our international expansion, we have chosen London to become our main European platform to help bridge capital and investment flows between the Asian and Western markets.

“London is a global leader in financial markets and business excellence and we believe our presence here will significantly enhance our offering to both our Asian and international client base.

She went further, adding: “London will always be the HQ for Asian investors, especially the Chinese, who see it as a platform for Europe. This is unlikely to change, regardless of how Europe comes to see London in the future”.

Ignore the scare stories and doom-mongers, Britain will remain a global trading hub. Outside of the EU and free to negotiate trade deals, London and the rest of the UK will actually be free to engage more with other economies across the globe.

The UK still leads Europe in foreign investment and that’s a trend that doesn’t look likely to end any time soon.