Around 450 radicalised inmates set to be released from prison in France

France’s Justice Minister has revealed that around 450 radicalised people are set to be released from prison by 2019 – this includes at least 50 people who are confirmed Islamists.

Nicole Belloubet said: “We have about 500 detainees who are radicalised as Islamist terrorists, out of those 500 there will be about 20 of them coming out this year, and then about 30 next year.

“Beside these, we actually have people who are detained for common law but who in fact at the same time, as we know, have been radicalised…a certain number of them, about 30%, will have finished their sentence in 2019 and will come out in 2019. That’s about 450 people.”

But, fear not, the people of France can sleep easy because the government has extracted vital intelligence from these radicalised nutjobs and will be keeping a very close eye on them.

Why do these people have to be released at all? Why would you want them re-engaging in society? It’s just a massive risk that doesn’t need to be taken.

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Oh, and of course, given EU open borders once they’re out of prison they may be able to wander round the continent freely spreading their hatred.