Armed Forces facing devastating cuts whilst Brussels demands billions

Britain’s shrinking Armed Forces are facing such devastating cuts that one Defence Minister is considering resigning. This comes at a time when the government are reportedly set to give away at least £40 billion to the European Union in a desperate bid to unlock trade talks.

The Times report that Tobias Ellwood has threatened to resign as the army could be reduced to less than 70,000 soldiers.

Modernisation plans for the military require just £2 billion a year, a stark contrast to the huge amounts set to be sent to Brussels and still being sent there now.

A defence source recently spoke out and set out the desperation of the situation: “The Armed Forces have now been reduced to a level where they struggle to protect British citizens.”

General Sir Richard Barnes was clear: “Defence is close to breaking and unless you put more money in it, it will fall over.”

There is said to be “anxiety” in the Conservative Party at plans to cut Britain’s defence to the bone even further. That isn’t good enough. The UK’s brave servicemen and women deserve to be backed financially. Forget about sending tens of billions more to the EU and start getting priorities right at home. The fact that Chancellor Philip Hammond didn’t back the army in this week’s Budget is a disgrace. You cannot have world-class national defence on the cheap.